S-4 Sannam Dried Red Chilli

S-4 Sannam Dried Red Chilli

We are a quality-conscious firm and make use of high-grade packaging material for wrapping products. Also, we have installed modern packaging machines that assist us in meeting tailored packaging requirements. We have developed our own payment procedure that have options like credit cards, purchase cards, PINless debit cards, bank account transfers and more to suit varied requirements of the clients. S-4 Sannam Chilli is one of the well known types of chillies and has an excellent demand in every countries of World. It is also known as Guntur Sannam or Capsicum Annuum var. Longhum. Presently S 4 Sannam Chilly is grown in fertile land of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh Karantaka, Rajesthan, Assam & Madhya Pradesh states of India. S-4 Sannam Chilli is the largest crop among all other varieties of Chillies & has an annual production of 2,80,000.00 metric tons which consists 60% of the whole annual Chilli production of India. Due to it's heavy demand the whole crop is being consumed every year. Sannam S4 Chilli has it's peak harvesting season from December to May.

Specifications :

  • Type - Available with stem and without stem
    Moisture- Below 12% Length - 6 to 8 Cm (with stem)
  • Pungency (Heat) - 18000 SHU to 22000 SHU
  • Color- 40 ASTA - 50 ASTA
  • Capsaicin Content - 0.226%
  • Physical - S 4/S 334 Sannam
  • Broken with Stem - 3% Maximum
  • Discolor with Stem - 4% Maximum
  • Skin - Thin
  • Shelf Life - Long type

  • S-4 Sannam Dried Red Chilli With Stem

  • S-4 Sannam Dried Red Chilli Without Stem